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Civilization 4: Colonization

Civilization 4: Colonization

Distribuitor: 2K Games, Producător: Firaxis Games
Platformă: PC
Gen: Strategy
Data lansării: 26-Sep-2008 (Nelansat)
Jocuri similare: Civilization 4, Civilization 4: Beyond the Sword, Civilization 4: Warlords
Website oficial: Vizitează

Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization™ is the third offering in the award winning Civilization IV® series. A re-imagining of the classic Colonization game Sid Meier created in 1994, Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Colonization is a total conversion of the Civilization IV engine into a game experience in which players will lead a European nation on their quest to conquer and rule the New World. Players will be challenged to guide their people from the oppressive motherland, discover a New World, negotiate, trade and fight with both the natives and other nations as they acquire great power and fight for their freedom and independence.

Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Colonization does not require the original Civilization IV game to play.


  • Classic Game Design Rebuilt for the Modern Era: Usher forth a new generation of Sid Meier’s Colonization with gameplay built on the award winning Civilization IV engine, providing the beautiful visuals, famously addictive gameplay and endless fun that are synonymous with Sid Meier strategy games.
  • Fight the Homeland and Establish a New Nation: Play as the English, Spanish, French or the Dutch and journey to a brave new world in search of freedom from your oppressive homeland
  • Improved Diplomacy: Sustain peace and support your followers as you engage in advanced negotiations with natives, other colonists and the hostile homeland -- Trade resources, gold and land as you build the foundation for a self sufficient and powerful colony
  • Historical Figures Provide Adaptive Gameplay: Acquire founding fathers such as John Smith, Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams who will help guide your nation to freedom based on your gameplay style
  • Brand New Interface: Both Civilization IV fans and players new to the series will feel right at home with an interface that Firaxis has built to be accessible and easy to navigate.
  • Multiplayer Offers Endless Replay Value: Compete with friends from all over the world via the Internet and Play by Email modes or compete locally via the Hotseat and LAN modes, offering endless ways to conquer the New World.
  • Detailed Tutorial Guides Players In Their Conquest: Civilization IV: Colonization will provide an enhanced tutorial that will help both fans of the game and brand new players on their way to ruling the New World.
  • Mods and Community Tools: Players will have limitless options for modifying the game to suit their needs. Firaxis will ship the game with modding tools including a map editor using XML and Python.
· cavman_dogred la 20 September 2008 16:58:39· 0 Comentarii · 2428 Vizualizări · Imprimă

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